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Everyone is built different, physically and emotionally. We are who we are based on a combination of factors. We are each individuals, born with certain instincts and personality traits, and then we also progressively shape who we are as we age and grow, encountering a myriad of social experiences. Given that explanation, you can imagine that there are going to be some people that are extremely cheap and some who would love to buy the moon if it were on sale. For our fellow cheapsates visit our main Althea Gibson Coupon Codes page for latest deals.

Most of us are a combination of both because there are different types of purchases. And the way we handle money can change throughout our lives. That is true for everyone except my grandfather. All joking aside, our entire family jokes about how he used to flip a dollar open, causing it to do some type of victory dance in front of us, as he opted to be the one to leave the tip for a waitress.

He now leaves more than a dollar, but the point is he has always been cheap. He’s in his 80’s now, and he’s starting, starting I say, to come off of some of his money as he thinks about his kids hitting retirement. But you see, people that are cheap also know how to save. And I can definitely be thrown in there with the people that are cheap when it comes to certain things.

I am the guy who looks at every possible brand of whatever food item it is to find the absolute lowest price. I don’t care if Hidden Valley Ranch tastes better. The other ranch is $1. All joking aside, we all do what we can according to our budgets, our values, and quite frankly, who we are buying for.

When you’re buying for yourself, it’s easier to be cheap. When you’re buying for your family, well, you want to bless them. So you make those extra purchases. But there are still those people who spend more or spend less for other reasons, too. Where do you fall on the spectrum?

I’m seriously a combination of both, depending on what we’re talking about. And I would say that is the way most people are categorized as mentioned, if not all people. There are people like my grandfather, however, that might just be considered cheap across the board.

He makes us laugh to this day with his attempts to hold onto every dollar no matter the occasion or the expenditure. Yet that brings up another good point. You see, older generations come from a time where money wasn’t spend so frivolously. That can be said for each generation as a new generation comes along. So in that sense, the older we get, the cheaper we get, too.

Yet again, there are all kinds of factors that come into play. Think about the times when you are cheap when it comes to spending money. Now think about the times when you aren’t cheap. Everyone is different, and we have to embrace who we are. We also have to embrace who others are. Cheapskate or spendthrift, those are just labels. What we do with money really has nothing to do with who we are. That’s the real point here.