how long are eggs good for

Eggs are a healthy and nutritious source of protein, vitamins, minerals and lecithin, so you should include them in your diet. However, what should you consider when buying to choose the best product, how to store it and how long the eggs are fit for consumption?

Egg expiration date

The safe expiry date for eggs is around 28 days from the date of submission (and not purchase). So when we see that the egg is arranged vertically in water, it is a sign that it is on the border of this expiry date and that it should be eaten as soon as possible. And to tell the truth, it’s best to break them into a bowl and verify the freshness of such an egg with smell and sight.

how long eggs are good

Eggs are primarily a source of wholesome protein, easily absorbed by the body. It is a standard protein, containing all amino acids, including essential amino acids, which the body cannot produce by itself, in appropriate quantities. That is why in 1965 the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized them as a formula for measuring the proportion of amino acids in products.

How to check the freshness of the egg?

Water test

Place the egg in a tall glass filled with cold water. If the egg remains at the bottom of the glass, it means that it is fresh; if it rises or rotates, it is slightly older, but you can safely consume them. However, if it floats just below the surface of the water, it means that it has already broken and should not be eaten. Just throw them out!

Eggs float just below the surface of the water, because over time they lose moisture through the shell, and its place is taken by air. The more air gets inside, the older the egg is and will float under the surface of the water.

Shaking test

If by shaking the egg you do not hear the characteristic splashing coming out from the center, then you can go ahead and eat it. When you hear the sound by shaking the egg, it means that the air has entered the shell, so it’s better not to eat the egg. Pay attention to the best before date. 

Egg producers shall indicate on the packaging a date which indicates the shelf life of the product, provided that it is stored under appropriate conditions. In general, eggs can also be safely eaten after their expiry date, when they are hard-boiled or their freshness is confirmed by one of the tests mentioned above proving their freshness!

When you see the near date of minimum durability on the egg packaging, do not throw them away immediately. Check first if they are really stale. To extend their freshness, it is worth storing them properly. Eggs should have their place in the fridge, because room temperature affects their faster deterioration. Laying the eggs with the pointed end down will also allow you to stay fresh longer. It is worth keeping them in cardboard packaging that absorb moisture and odors. It’s also best not to put aromatic foods or products near them, because the shell absorbs the smells and they can get inside the egg.


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