How to apply eyeliner

Dear Ladies, lines on the eye are a fashion that never goes by. For eyeliner lovers, we have great news – the most fashionable make-up in the upcoming season will be make-up done with the help of eyeliner. Although it is very simple, probably not all of you can draw them so that they are beautiful and even. Maybe because you lack the right way. Today we present one of them. The right line will raise your eye, enlarge it or make your look catlike! We hope you enjoy it.

Choose an eyeliner created for you

Even before you get on with eye makeup, start with the right choice of cosmetics. In drugstores you will find at least several different types of eyeliner, so it’s worth knowing how they differ from each other and how to choose the best for yourself.

  • Eyeliner in the pen: Perfect for beginners. It allows for greater precision even without experience.
  • Eye pencil: It allows you to make a soft fuzzy line, it does not require precision or experience.
  • Liquid eyeliner: Requires much more precision, most often it is equipped with a brush with a very thin finish. 
  • Gel eyeliner: Also equipped with a brush, usually sold in a small bottle. 
eyeliner application

Does eyeliner have to be black?

Until recently, it seemed that the only right eyeliner color is black. Nothing could be more wrong. You can also make beautiful and delicate make-up using blue, green, and even red or orange eyeliners. These colors are perfect for going out on a warm summer day. Go crazy and choose the type that suits you best.

How to make the perfect line

Once you discover which eyeliner is right for you, start training. First, apply eye shadow base or transparent powder on your eyelids, which will protect you against unwanted reflection of pigment on the skin under your eyebrows. Find a comfortable place, preferably one where you can support your elbows and look in the mirror a bit from above – so that the eyelid is naturally directed downwards. There is nothing worse than stretching your face – when you release it, the effect may turn out to be comical.

Now the most important thing: guide the line so that it gradually expands. The thinnest is to be in the inner corner of the eye, and the most magnificent – in the outer. It will be most convenient to start by painting the line in the middle of the eyelid and only then turn the batches in both sides of the eye. If you want to extend the line and get a swallow, pull the line diagonally towards the end of the eyebrow and finish it sharply. 

How to stop your hands from shaking

Shaking hands are one of the biggest challenges and difficulties when painting eyes. To make a precise line with eyeliner, we must use several methods.

  • Sit in a well-lit place to see your actions in the mirror.
  • Rest your elbow on a fixed table top or other stable surface. This will help you avoid uncontrolled hand movements.
  • Rest your wrist against your cheek when applying eyeliner. Thanks to this you will stabilize your hand and avoid shaking.
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