how to cook tuna steak

Tuna steak is getting easier at fish stores and discount stores. It is also often said that it is a fish with many health properties, which in addition is very tasty. On the other hand, tuna also raises some controversy. However, it is worth preparing it from time to time. How to make tuna steak?

Cooking tuna steak

Fried tuna steaks are the simplest version of this dish. Its meat itself is very tasty, so you can prepare it without a large amount of spices or other additives. It is worth remembering to choose quite thick steaks for frying – ideally prepared should be pink inside, not overdried. Too thin a slice of meat is easier to fry.

Pieces of fish are smeared with olive oil on both sides. We add freshly ground black pepper and salt and put aside for 20 minutes. Warm up the pan (preferably grill) and fry steaks on each side. For a well-fried steak, it should take no more than 3 minutes on each side, for medium-rare and rare steaks, respectively.

Serve with fresh or grilled vegetables. 

cooking tuna steak

Tuna: nutritional values

Tuna is low in calories and is an excellent source of protein. 100 g of fresh fish provides 108 kcal, 23 g of protein and 0.9 g of fat, which in about 1/4 are essential fatty acids omega-3 EPA and DHA. These fats are very important in the diet, and their deficiencies favor, among others poor immunity, high cholesterol and heart disease. Tuna is a good source of vitamin D, affecting bone health, immunity and general well-being. In Poland, from autumn to spring, when the amount of sun is insufficient to produce the right amount of vitamin D in the skin, care should be taken to provide it with diet and supplementation. Tuna is characterized by a very high content of B vitamins – thiamine (29 percent of the daily requirement in 100 g), niacin (49 percent) and vitamin B6 (45 percent). They are responsible, among others for controlling energy processes and functioning of the nervous system, which is why tuna is often recommended for physically active people. The minerals present in significant amounts in fresh tuna are selenium (52 ​​percent of the daily requirement in 100 g), magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

What wine goes with tuna?

You will find a lot of recipes for preparing tuna steak or sirloin. However, combining it with wine may not be so obvious. So we can confidently look for the right combination with red wine.

To make a good choice, we need to know how tuna is prepared, what spices are used, what additives. Usually the steak is grilled or fried. Depending on your taste, it may be more or less raw inside, which is also not without significance for the served drink. Italy may be a sensible choice, as it is famous for wines with pronounced acidity, favoring combination with food. We can try midnight – a lighter version of nebbiolo – nebbiolo d’alba. We can also go south and look here among the more alcoholic negroamaro or sagrantino. Red wine should have a moderate amount of tannins and alcohol that will balance tuna meat.



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